I agree with @cbronwenthomas and @jitendra bharthi. As the opposition it’s easy to be a critic. What is the solution? Or is the better question, is there a solution? Or maybe the question is, is this all just smoke and mirrors?? As a senior I have a very slanted view to using our demographic as an problem. During our working / contributing years, I can’t remember not paying our share of the tax burden. I might suggest our generation was quite generous as so much of success was based on making more money. More money = more taxes. Very few made it to the uber-privileged position of tax loopholes and paying less than our fair share. To say that pointing a finger at our pensions and so-called senior benefits is disheartening to say the least.

The Canadian people in general have lost trust in government and it will take a monumental effort to start to rebuild that trust. If the Conservative government is keen to do that, I suggest you better start looking at cost-cutting measures within the government sector before you start pointing fingers at groups of tax payers. I can assure you that there are still a vast number of so called retirees who continue to pay taxes. There are many places that appear to be sucking the teat of the sacred cow.

We’ve stood by and watched government after government spend, spend, spend. Shame on us, yes, but when we get painted in a corner, things could easily take a not-pretty turn. Just saying.

T. Hampel / retiree / continuing taxpayer/ disillusioned voter

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These figures are indeed alarming, however they are not detailed enough to permit an informed opinion regarding the sums spent on Seniors versus Children....

How much of this is due to demographics? What is the dollar spend per elder versus per child?

These numbers appear to relate only to direct federal transfers rather than overall taxpayer support from the various levels of government. Does the federal government provide more of the total spend per elder than per child? For instance, the provinces spend huge sums on education (as they should), but those costs are not do not appear to be reflected in these numbers. Are the costs for childcare subsidies included?

I could go on and on.....

Catherine Brown

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Enough of this complain now tell me what conservatives will do if they come to power?

Secondly what is your stand on international relations as we have almost lost all touch with world second largest population and don't see any plan either from liberal or conservatives.

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