Keep up the good work. Definitely NO to ZOOM meetings. Personal attendance should be a must.

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Representation of the Constituents who sent MP'S to represent us should be in person.

I feel we are setting a system where there will be no accountability of our MP'S. Attendance should be a must unless there are extenuating circumstances.

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Wouldn't it be awesome if the CPC actually stood for Conservative values...and against things that actually

Matter to Canadians. Instead we get a Uniparty Globalist Swamp in Ottawa.

They all were part of the biggest crime in human history. The Scam Semic proved that they all were liars, traitors, frauds and


The money laundering in Ukraine, the money made from the Clot Shots, the testing, the PPE, the censorship of Ivermectin and other therapy, now it is the climate hoax, the government and corporate made food shortages, the transgender and diversity nonsense.

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I sgree with your stance on Zoom Parliament in general, but I feel that it would be wise to retain the option for MPs who are suffering from a prolonged illness or in the event of major weather challenges in the more remote parts of the country.

This option should only be offered in exceptional circumstances.

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That was part of the compromise that conservatives offered, although in my view MPs suffering from a prolonged illness should take care of their health and not be pressured to work. The option to pair votes has always existed and should be used more to ensure constituents are represented.

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