Great report Tom. Keep up the pressure on this unreliable, ineffective, lieing liberal government.

97% of scientists don’t agree on “Climate Crisis”. The infiltration by the CCP into Canada has to be stopped. The business being done with China through the AIIB which is dominated by the PRC has to be brought to an end. Canadians have to stop buying items - all items - made in China and bring back manufacturing to Canada.

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Canada cannot afford another two months of Trudeau let alone two years

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Tom, you are sounding just like your boss. Trudeau is responsible for Covid, global warming, inflation and wars overseas, and for the first time ever, under a conservative government, prices would go down, even though we have not seen that at all in Saskatchewan and Alberta!

The cost of fires and floods due to climate change is in the trillions. And closer scrutiny of the environmental costs of “natural” gas produced by fracking shows that it is not a nice compromise source of energy at all between other fossil fuels and non fossil fuel alternatives.

I doubt very many Albertans have been forced to commute to Nova Scotia or PEI in order to find work. Please don’t encourage this sibling rivalry; it is bad for the country!

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