Thank you for your hard work Tom and that of Pierre. We have to get rid of this Government as quickly as possible. They are ever so slowly, but for certain sure, turning Canada into a Communist State. It's becoming more apparent daily as they now blatantly just arbitrarily bi-pass normal protocol and do what they want. Trudeau is as crooked as the day is long and I just wonder how much money he and his close cohorts have embezzled from Canadian taxpayers. This Bill C-11 is an affront to our Freedom of Speech and Information. One more example of his future intent. Get rid of the guns, get rid of free speech and the people don't have much to fight with.

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Unfortunately the uniparty swamp is alive and well in Ottawa. Harper signed us on to the Globalist Agendas and all parties have been pushing us towards their "Reset" ever since.

The "Scamdemic" clearly illustrated how the LI ERALS, THE CPC and the NDP are all working together to destroy Canada as we know it.

Tom.....you can talk all you want but the response of Pierre and every member of Parliament with a couple of exceptions to Christine Anderson....was a disgrace.

You clearly showed that you Re all hypocrites

Garry Leonhardt

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Jail is expensive - who pays with UCP tax cuts?

Bill 11 prevents this country from becoming a clown show like the United States where BS contents flows freely from all sources including/primarily their ex-president. Free speech needs strings attached cause too many people are ignorant a-holes (see transgender protestors)

Love to see how magically PP is going to solve illegal smuggling of firearms … law enforcement doesn’t care who the PM is so new leader won’t magic up new results.

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