Sitemap - 2021 - Resuming Debate

Bereavement Leave Bill passed by Parliament

Parliament to Investigate Liberal Failure to Act in Afghanistan’s Collapse

Federal Government Continues to Push Failed Housing Program

Parliament's First Week Back

The Liberal's Plan for Internet Censorship

Conservatives Call for Liberals to Remove PCR Test Requirement for International Travel

COP26 A Slap in the Face to Albertans and Our World-Class Energy Sector

Equalization: What's Next

Why I am Voting "Yes" to the Equalization Referendum

Reform Act Votes and the Conservative Future

Thank You to My Constituents and My Reflections as the Outgoing Tory Caucus Chair

Conservatives Launch Plan to Unleash Innovation

Alberta to Conduct Newborn SMA Screening

Conservatives Will Fix Equalization

End of Parliamentary Session: The Recap

Speaking Against Bill C-10, While We Still Can

My Speech on the Housing Crisis

My New Private Member's Bill: Expanding Bereavement Leave

If Quebec Can Do It, Alberta Should Too

Fixing Equalization for Albertans

GUEST COLUMN MICHAEL COOPER: Canada's Position on Taiwan

Nuts and Bolts of Budget 2021

Who is Telling the Truth? The Liberal Coverup of the Vance Allegations Continues

Budget 2021: A Major Bust for Albertans

Conservatives Release Plan to Cancel the Trudeau Carbon Tax and Tax Foreign Oil Imports

Liberal and NDP Grassroots to Vote on Plans that Would Destroy Oil and Gas Jobs

Defending Criminals, Not Communities: The New Liberal Criminal Justice Legislation

Telecom Titans Merger: My Initial Reactions to the Rogers-Shaw Merger

Welcome to Resuming Debate

Where are the Ottawa Liberals on the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Resuming Debate