Sitemap - 2022 - Resuming Debate

Fall 2022 Session of Parliament: A Recap

Working Collaboratively With Provincial Governments

More Money Won’t Fix Liberal-made Immigration Backlogs

Beijing's Interference in the 2019 Election

Debate Continues on Failed Inflationary Fall Economic Statement

The Liberal Budget Update Gets an F

Federal Gun Grab: Bad Policy Won't Fix Violent Crime Surge

A Tax Break for Canadians

No New Taxes and No Tax Hikes

This Week Conservatives Put the Cost of Living Crisis Front and Centre

Yes to a Disability Benefit, No to Bad Lawmaking

GUEST SPEECH: Tribute to Her Majesty by the new Leader of the Official Opposition, Pierre Poilievre

End of Parliamentary Session Recap

What They Call Filibustering, I Call Debate: Conservatives Fight Against Censorship Bill C-11

Liberal Government Votes Down Measures to Help Canadians

The Liberals are Soft on Crime

C-18, the Online News Act, Deserves a Failing Grade

Holes Emerge in Liberal Government’s Case for Emergencies Act

Parliament to Vote on Reinstating the Canada-People’s Republic of China Committee

Yes to Keeping The Voting Age at 18

GUEST COLUMN MP GARNETT GENUIS: How Canada can help Europe as the Russia-Ukraine conflict intensifies

Budget 2022: A Lot of Tax, A Lot of Spend

The True Costs of the Carbon Tax

The New NDP-Liberal Coalition Government

'Back In Calgary' Week

Canada's role in the Russia-Ukraine war

Fallout from the Emergencies Act

Emergencies Act Revoked

No to the Emergencies Act

Changes on Parliament Hill

New Era For The Conservatives

Supporting the Truckers' Right to Peaceful Protest

Parliament Has to Restore the Canada-China Committee

No to Mandatory Vaccinations